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Regarding Plagiarism, this is how you avoid it—you make something you like your own,

or you quote it, or YOU ASK FOR PERMISSION, like I did. Ami Kaye, owner of Pirene's Fountain

and Glass Lyre Press , and a woman I admire very much, granted us use of her declaration regarding plagiarism which is posted in Submissions on Pirene's Fountain, and noted here in quotation marks. Thank you, Ami.

Scribble Camp "...maintains zero tolerance for plagiarism. Passing off another’s work as your own is a very serious offense."  As Managing Editors of Scribble Camp, ""...we automatically extend copyright protection; plagiarism violates such protection and impacts us all, particularly the writer whose work is infringed upon. Accordingly, lines used from other writings or lyrics should be placed in quotation marks and proper credit given below the poem."


"By submitting..." to Scribble Camp, "...we take it on faith that your work is your own;  further, that 1) you hold us completely blameless and 2) you take full responsibility in case of any action resulting from a plagiarism charge. Any author submitting work found to be inauthentic will be contacted and required to sign a legal document absolving us from any responsibility. The works in question will promptly be removed from our site and further submissions from this writer denied.   While we have no desire to vilify the reputation of an author, we cannot withhold our email records from the original author of a plagiarized work who wishes to launch an investigation."

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